Saturday, July 16, 2011

MAC Me Over Preview

Who else is stoked for the upcoming MAC fall collection "MAC me over"?? I am!! Of course, I am uber excited for the lacquers in particular, and the preview images were released yesterday to tease us. So take a peak and get ready for Fall!

"Purple Majesty" is described as a Deep Purple Cream. This could be the Highlight of the collection for me, but its gonna be one I wanna see in person. Sounds perfect for Fall being that it is dark and the lovely cream texture.

"Deep Sea" is described as a Deep Teal Cream. Looks only a pinch darker than "Blue India" so I'm not overly impressed by this one, but in the context of the collection it adds a needed pop of color alongside Purple Majesty.
"Quiet Time" will be a Beige Nude Cream. Looks like it will really flatter nails in the Fall, especially for mannequin hands fans. Dont think it will suit my darker, olive skin, but again, we'll have to see upon release. Its nothing special, but well suited for this collection.

This is the preview image that has me a little confused. This color is "Fatigues" and is described as an Army Green cream. It has the potential to be a real badass Fall color. But this released image doesn't do it's description justice. For that reason I am including another released image that features this bottle much smaller. This will allow you to see what I believe is the more accurate color.

If it really is that deep green color, it would satisfy this collection soo well. This image makes it look olivey and rich and perfect for Fall. And who knows, this could end up being the highlight.

I am really very excited to get a new batch of MAC nail colors. The running theme in this set will be deep dark creamy colors standing alongside a pure creamy beige. The creamy texture has only become a favorite of mine this year, but I've fallen hard for the trend. So I could potentially go nuts for this collection. What do you guys think? Did the preview wet your appetite??

PS check out the other mini bottles in this image, again, this is probably more accurate because the colors look much richer...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day Mani

Right quick, here was my 4th of July look...

Alpine Snow by OPI (White), Spirit of Truth by MAC (Blue), and Red Red 414A by Wet n Wild Wild Shine (Red).

Alpine Snow is not a perfect white, it pools and is a bit blotchy, so if you have another white I suggest using that instead. Red Red is surprisingly sleek and bright, goes on very smoothly. Spirit of Truth is nice Americana inspired blue, so it was well suited for this mani.
The mani is inspired by this new trend to paint your ring finger nails a different color. I did that with the blue and took it a step further with red pointer fingers. If you are into the different color trend or are just looking for a SUPER fast USA mani, then try this. I surprisingly got a lot of compliments on it and even guys loved it. They got tweeted all day on the 4th lol. Enjoy!