Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection - Spirit of Truth

Hey all, thanks for stopping in. My first post will be about the new MAC "Spirit of Truth", which is a creamy mix between royal and navy blue. First of all the packaging is wonderful, if you love Wonder Woman you'll die over it. This bottle is the same size as regular MAC nail lacquers but for some reason it is more expensive at $15 here in the US. The girls at the counter said it was because the collection is limited, but thats not a very good excuse. The other color in this collection is a cream red, which I would never wear, so I snagged this cute blue. So far I LOVE it. Its creamy with a bit of gloss to the finish. I like that it's JUST a blue, but its so pretty and not something I feel like I see at every drug store. Although, the recent China Glaze "First Mate" is in the same vein (not a dupe though, SOT is darker and dustier, FM is a bit brighter) but really, you don't see it everywhere. The formula is MUCH improved compared to older MAC releases. It goes on smooth, and the brush is nice.

Wonder Woman Packaging

Outer sleeve slides off to reveal red packaging

Dont know why this uploaded sideways but you can see the inside of the sleeve

The dressed up bottle

Messy nails, but you can see the color is a creamy blue

On a scale of one to ten I have to give it a 7. I love the color, but I think the price is too high. FM is about half the price and a good alternative for casual blue fans, plus after a few days the glossyness wears off. If you love blue though, this is a must buy.

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