Monday, May 16, 2011

American Apparel Neon Green

American Apparel Neon Green... or as I like to call it... Kermit. Packaging here, as with the Neon Red, is a new deco NEON logo in white, with a white cap... but still the same square bottle. Comes with the typical long AA brush. It's a cute change up from the original design, but in my personal opinion, the original promo shots for this line using the original design were cuter. But, no complaints, its just a bottle.

This is some bright ish, fo real! My nails look electric right now. This is an insanely neon color, that goes on really nicely. Incredibly smooth, albeit thick formula. Its thicker than the formula in Neon Red; it did that thing where the fluid won't separate from what's in the bottle, not good when it is brand new. It may need some thinner in a few months. Nice and opaque, no visible nail line with this color. It dries a bit matte, so I went over it with Seche Vite, that gives them the nice shine. All together, impressive color choice from AA. That's what I love about them, they are making bold color choices that are really practical to add to a collection, at least to us California girls... I don't know how Neon Green plays in other parts of the country. But, ya, I really like it. It was surprising to see it sit well with my darker olive toned skin. It really popped against my warm skin color. It's a recommend from me :)

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